Feeling Hot Hot Hot // Tanning Essentials

I thought I’d never have to say it this year, but yes: Summer’s here! After weeks and weeks of cold and rain, it’s finally time to get out that fabulous summer wardrobe and those yummy exotic beauty products. For this summer, these are my essentials!


I am a redhead with a porcelain-like skin, so sunscreen is almost literally of vital importance to me. I absolutely love Biotherm, Lancaster and Vichy – which are the brands I generally buy – but this summer I decided to aim a bit higher on the exotic ladder and I went for the amazing scents of Hawaiian Tropic. I don’t really know why I even own the SPF 10 on the picture, because I always use SPF 30 or higher. I wouldn’t be sitting here right now if I didn’t. (I’m serious.)

With the risk of sounding like your mothers, I really really really want to stress the importance of protecting your skin. Why would you make yourself go through the excruciating pain of a good sunburn? Trust me – I’ve been there way too many times. Be aware of the consequences of exposing yourself to the sun for a long time – from dehydration and sunburn to heat strokes or even permanent skin damage!


Also: be careful with last summer’s sunscreen. Although there’s no need to throw it away, keep in mind that your lotion does lose some of its protective factor. While some brands lose up to half of their SPF, others (mostly those you buy at the pharmacist) will only lose about two to five points. Just to be safe, take into account that last Summer’s SPF 15, for example, will get you SPF 7 protection this season.

For extremely sensitive areas – like scars or some kinds of birthmarks – a small high-SPF stick can come in handy. I carry this La Roche-Posay 50+ stick with me, which is also great for on-the-go protection!


As far as Summer hair care goes, I swear by Orofluido’s Beauty Elixir. The three organic natural oils make your hear shiny and smooth – and they smell heavenly! Orofluido gives your hair instant shine and softness, and it eliminates any frizz that swimming in pools or chilling on sandy beaches may have caused. I like to use Orofluido on damp hair – in extremely small amounts. This way, you’ll get the smoothness and lovely smell, but not the heaviness of the oils. Divine.


Beauty-wise, Summer is all about bright nail polishes and subtle scents. A pretty nail polish can make you look very sophisticated – whether you’re chilling at the pool or having a five-course dinner on the terrace. This season is all about powerful statement colors, and I love this vibrant orange in particular. Also great: white or pastel turquoise. It has been known for ages that these colors make you look more tan, so they are obviously in my permanent Summer faves. :) And oh yes: please make sure to put the same polish on fingers and toes. Mismatched nails are one of my giant beauty pet peeves – seriously.

If you are planning to use perfume, keep in mind that a lot of Summer editions of shampoos, shower gels, caring oils and protective lotions are already heavily scented. Add your deodorant to that, and you run the risk of becoming a walking incense stick. I always try to keep it easy on scents, and I stay away from heavy perfumes in Summer. Great alternatives are body splashes or mists – or those wonderful alcohol-free versions of popular perfumes.

Have a GREAT Summer, loves!


O.P.I Nail Lacquer ‘Hot & Spicy’
The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine Eau de Toilette
Orofluido Beauty Elixir
La Roche-Posay Anthelios Very High Protection Stick for Sun Sensitive Areas SPF 50+
Hawaiian Tropic Protective Sun Lotion SPF 10 / 30

PICTURES: (c) All Things Jasmine

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One response to “Feeling Hot Hot Hot // Tanning Essentials

  1. I love the smell of Hawaiian tropic. It always reminds me of being a kid because my sisters always used to use it. SPF is definitely important, but it sucks that you burn so easily. That is a really pretty OPI shade. I have a similar shade from ULTA that I have been meaning to try out, but I have been very partial to my Essie shades lately. Happy summer!

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