Hair // L’Oréal Préference Wild Ombrés

So I’ve already been raving on about it on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: I dyed my hair again. After the Garnier Olia failure, which you can read all about here, I had totally had it with drugstore/DIY hair dye. Yet I did get some pretty cool comments on that post, many of them suggesting to try L’Oréal dyes. So I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t give it another shot.

Since I always like to color just parts of my hair  – I’m a natural redhead and don’t want to give it all up – I instinctively grabbed the only ombré dye on the shelf. I must admit: the leopard accents on the packaging also kinda did the trick. Anyway, I know you should never trust pictures on packaging, but this lady’s hair looked ab fab – and I wanted me some of that. I picked the lightest shade, the ombré N°3 for blonde to dark blonde hair. SINCE THEY DON’T HAVE ANY DYES FOR RED HAIR. (Seriously, though, L’Oréal. Fix it.)

photo 1 (1)

Creating a pretty ombré is kinda easy in itself. After having mixed all of the ingredients together, first part your hair into two sections. Then, squeeze the mixture evenly onto the ombré brush until it is completely covered. Start applying the dye onto your hair, between ear and chin length. Use the brush vertically for a subtle finish. When you’re finished, leave the dye in for 25 to 45 minutes, depending on the ombré intensity you are looking for. Afterwards you can take care of your hair by using the conditioning shampoo.

photo 2 (1)

L’Oréal Préférence Wild Ombrés promises an easy DIY dip dye, and honestly: that’s exactly what it is. The specifically designed ombré brush works like a charm. No spilling, no hassle: it’s fabulous.

Unlike Garnier Olia, which smells fruity and nice, L’Oréal Préférence does have a strong ammoniac smell. But, also unlike Garnier Olia, L’Oréal Préférence also actually dyes your hair. It’s really a choice you’ll have to make for yourself: Olia’s formula is based on caring oils, but didn’t really change my hair color. L’Oréal Préférence, on the other hand, may be a bit more aggressive on your hair – but at least it works. And I have to say: my hair still feels pretty healthy.

Conclusion? I will definitely be using L’Oréal Préférence again.

photo 3

Et voila: le result!

So this is what the Wild Ombré N°3 looks like on me. I love how it actually complements my own hair shade very well so it still looks pretty natural.

I have to admit I did start a bit higher up than ear-chin length since my hair is pretty short and I wanted the effect to stand out. I left the dye in for the full 45 minutes – in part because of my experiences with Olia – and I got the desired result. It’s very blonde, but I’m loving it!

What about you? Planning to change your look any time soon?

photo 3 (1)

PICTURES: (c) All Things Jasmine

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