Fall Wishlist!

New seasons, new colors, new styles, … WISHLIST TIME! Uhu, that’s right. Every new season comes with a truckload of new fun, pretty, interesting stuff – both in fashion and beauty land – and I want me some of that newness! You know how I always get my beauty and fashion phases in colors, right? Well, this time is no different. My Fall Wishlist looks like it was composed to match, but I promise you: it wasn’t. I just really like specific colors at specific times. Sometimes I even surprise myself.

So anyway, this Fall I’m all for this delicious wine red – also called ‘oxblood’ or, more charmingly, ‘bordeaux’. Fashionwise, these lovely New Balance 410s have been on my wishlist for a while now. I’ve seen people wear them, but I have yet to spot the perfect pair in a store. So frustrating. If I ever find ‘em I’m getting a matching iPhone cover to celebrate, just like the Scotch & Soda one right hurr. (Don’t you just love it?!)

Also on the fashion front, I am very much loving those new Ray Ban Aviator’s with the awesome mirrored lenses – both in blue and orange. I like the orange one best, because it (1) matches the oxblood, (2) is a Fall-ish color, (3) works wonders for my complexion. I did find these darlings in stores all over the world, but I’m still in doubt because I already own a pair of Aviators and it feels so horribly decadent to buy the same pair of 130 euro sunglasses twice just because of the different lense colors. I know the lenses make it completely different, but you get my point. Right? I mean, can’t they just sell Aviators with interchangeable lenses? (That’s is a commercial op for ¬†you right there, Ray Ban. Use it.)

Capture 2

As far as beauty goes, I have finally decided to invest in a Naked 2 palette. Ever since I finished my favorite colors from my Chanel Les 4 Ombres palette, I’ve been on the lookout for eyeshadows that match those shades in terms of color and quality. I love the subtle color differences of the eyeshadows in the Naked 2 palette: perfect for blending and creating a subtle smokey look. Can’t wait to work with this one!

In the nail department I’m looking for a new wine red shade. I ran out of my perfect Essie one – first nail polish I ever finished in my life, fyi – and now I’m looking for a new one. I could just get the Essie one again, and maybe I will, but I like to try new stuff once in a while. The Tom Ford one in Bordeaux Lust actually looks exactly what I’m looking for in the picture. I’m going to check it out irl asap (look at me being a cunning linguist right here!), and I’ll let you know whether it was indeed perfect or not!

Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention! I took a couple of evening classes this year and since I’ve always been in love with the Moleskine design notebooks I am defo getting a couple of those for all my notes! :)

What are you getting for Fall? Embarking on any new adventures?

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
Scotch & Soda iPhone 5 Hardcase in Bordeaux Snake
New Balance
410 Sneakers
Small Ruled Notebook
Ray Ban
Aviator Metal Mirrored Sunglasses
Tom Ford
Nail Lacquer Bordeaux Lust

PICTURES: Collage through Polyvore.com

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