Face // What your breakouts are telling you

Don’t we all just hate ‘em? They just pop up all of a sudden, and all we can do is wait until they decide to go again. They’re painful, they look bad, they make us feel uncomfortable… Ohhh yes: I’m talking about those horribly unwanted breakouts.

Well, what if I told you that an ancient tradition could help you prevent major breakouts? Don’t worry: I didn’t have to become some kind of witchcraft medicine woman for it. I am referring to the Eastern tradition of face mapping. Face mapping combines ancient Chinese medicine with modern dermatology, and lots of dermatologists are in the process of rediscovering it as we speak. The general idea is that there is a connection between your internal organs and different zones of your face. Relating breakouts in certain zones to their respective organs allows you to map the condition of your skin and to easily identify possible reasons for persistent skin problems. Makes sense, no? Your skin, after all, is the largest organ of your body!


From top to bottom, this is what your breakouts might be trying to tell you!

FOREHEAD – Breakouts on your forehead are often a sign of problems with your digestive system. Try to eat less processed foods, cut back on fat, and drink loads of water to cleanse your body. As a direct remedy, natural cooling things like cucumbers can help keep your forehead clear.

ABOVE THE BROW - The area right above your eyebrows is affected by your immune system. Often, breakouts here happen right before, after, or during a cold or flu. Boost your immune system by eating lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Also, exercise regularly, make sure you get an adequate amount of sleep and maintain a healthy weight.

BETWEEN BROWS – Breakouts between the brows are often caused by an unhealthy diet – or even by food allergies. Try cutting back on sugar, dairy, rich foods, and alcohol to keep this area clear.

NOSE – In case of regular breakouts on your nose, check your blood pressure and Vitamin B levels. Since the nose area is connected to the heart, it might be a good idea to try and lower your cholesterol by replacing ‘bad fats’ with ‘good fats’ such as Omega 3 and 6 (as found in nuts, fish, etc.).

CHEEKS – According to Chinese medicine, your cheeks are linked to your respiratory system. Smoking or breathing polluted air – like you sometimes find in large cities – can cause breakouts in this area.

SIDE OF CHIN – The sides of your chin are affected by hormones. Breakouts here occur around the time of your period and are said to happen on one side or another depending on which ovary is ovulating that month. While these kinds of breakouts are more or less unavoidable, you can decrease the effect of hormonal changes by getting lots of sleep, drinking enough water, eating leafy veggies and keeping your skin clean.

CHIN – Blemishes on the skin are usually connected to intestinal disorders. Step up your fibre intake and drink herbal teas to help with digestion.

NECK – Red spots and zits in the neck area can be caused by increased stress.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive and a lot of the causes for breakouts are unavoidable. You should always remember to get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep, to drink lots of water and to always take care of your personal hygiëne. A lot of breakouts in any area of the face are the result of clogged pores caused by old make-up, expired facial creams, or even dirty phones or pillow cases. And oh: in case of persistent skin problems, never hesitate to contact a doctor.

How about you? Does face mapping work for you?

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SOURCE: ‘Beauty’ by Lauren Conrad

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4 responses to “Face // What your breakouts are telling you

    • I’ve started reading about face mapping since I got a lot of breakouts on my face, and most of the time I could really relate it to the various body issues that Chinese medicine proposes. Dumb luck? Maybe, but I guess in some cases it can really work out for people to follow this system. And in the fight against breakouts, anything works. :)

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