Face // Ioma Optimum Moisture Cream Tabs

A few weeks ago I got a free sample of ioma TABS at my local perfumery. And I wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t decided to test it for you guys! :)


A box of ioma TABS contains seven detachable monodose packs of ioma facial cream – one for each day of the week. The TABS were developed as an affordable alternative for those wanting to try ioma products. Each dose contains the right amount of cream for a single day care.

The ioma TABS come in four different formulas. I got the ioma Range 1, which contains their Optimum Moisture Cream Day and Night. The all-vegetal ingredients retain water in the upper layers of your skin and prevent dehydration caused by external aggressions – moisturizing it all the way through. The Optimum Moisture Cream promises to leave your skin soft, hydrated and protected.


So do I like it? Tough to tell, really. Seven days is a pretty short time, especially since your skin takes some time getting used to and reacting to new products.

My first impression was that the cream smells very… medical. And actually, it also feels like that. And that isn’t even half bad! When applying the cream to your face and neck, it feels very refreshing. After a few seconds, your skin starts tingling (or at least mine did) and you really feel the cream working. After a week’s use, my skin does feel like it has been taken care of.

The cream is okay, the TABS packaging is perfect. It really contains exactly the right amount of cream for your face and neck, and is very easy to empty with just one swipe. I’m loving this for on-the-go skincare!

Would I buy the full-size Optimum Moisture Cream? Probably not. But I would definitely consider getting another seven-day kit to just throw in my bag. Efficiency galore!


PICTURES: (c) All Things Jasmine

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